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A big Thank You to our Volunteers

A big Thank You to our Volunteers

A successful village is all about the community and how it interacts and works together to the general benefit of all and in Wing we are particularly blessed.

Because we have people who will give up their time to help and assist and deploy their skills to make this beautiful village even more of an amazing place to live in.

So, the Parish Council would like to thank all those who have volunteered their time this year to help out on a range of projects. We can’t do these projects without you and the help you have all given has meant a lot to us at the Council and to the village as a whole.

Whether it is those important ladies who work in the village library where the community comes together; or those involved in helping to maintain Long Spinney & Bewick Green open areas. Not to forget Speedwatch; the hard work put into the youth club and the Bucks Young Farmers who gave up their time to plant 600 + trees in the Long Spinney area. And as many of you will see in a few days’ time, the efforts that have gone into really giving Wing a Xmas tree to be proud of, kindly paid for personally by 3 Councillors.

To all of you, and to those who continue to work on projects that aren’t mentioned above, a big THANK YOU.

It has been a successful year and we look forward to 2020 with a lot of excitement. But we also have a plea. Please don’t stop volunteering your services because we need your help in the months and years ahead.

We want to put together a Village Register of Skills where villagers keen to help can list the skills they have. You might be a builder or a plumber, a horticulturalist or a fund raiser or a communications expert? We want to know who you are so we can harness those skills to the benefit of the village. And we would like to crank up the information flow around the village so parishioners are fully aware of everything that is going on. So, keep reading your social media and feed us your thoughts and views. We are there for you all.

Thank You again

David Kellner, Parish Council Chairman

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