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Dogs chasing & attacking wildlife

We received a message from a local resident on Tuesday 21st of April:-

And this is perhaps particularly relevant as we have lost one family of ducks on the other lake in Long Spinney and this family has reduced from 10 to 7:

We have a family of ducks and ducklings living on the pond (on the Littleworth / Moorlands open space) at the minute – which is very popular with all the kids/adults using the area currently!

Twice on Tuesday 21st April the resident witnessed the ducks being chased/attacked by dogs and in once case, the dog owner ended up wading into the pond to retrieve the dog, as it would not come back to the owner.  We have also been made aware of another dog chasing these ducks and ducklings last weekend.

We are concerned about the village wildlife and wish to do everything we can to protect them,  so we ask you all to kindly to keep your dogs on the lead whilst walking around the Bewick Green park area and in Long Spinney, to ensure the safety of these ducks and ducklings, as well as other wildlife living there.


May we at the same time remind you to do the same when walking in or near fields with livestock, as it is a criminal offence to allow dogs to worry, chasing and/or injure livestock on agricultural land (  Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953 )

Further information can be found on the Long Spinney Facebook page,  as well as on the Wing Parish Facebook pages if you wish to share this information.

Let’s us all work together to ensure the duck family can live and raise their ducklings in peace and without the fear of being chased or attacked by dogs – and that other wildlife is also kept safe.

Thank you!

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