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Grass cutting

Further to the complaints in regards to the poor grass cutting in Chesterfield Crescent, Wing Parish Council has been in contact with AVDC as we were informed by the contractor that they had been given new directives by AVDC to leave an uncut fringe around and between trees.

The reply from AVDC shows that there was some miscommunication with the contractor as they were instructed to leave a small uncut area directly surrounding the trees to prevent any damage to the trees. However, this area should not be as large as it was and we are pleased that the contractors have returned to cut the remaining grass to contract standard.

Please note that within Wing Parish, there are four organisations responsible for the grass cutting – depending on the location.

We have in total 10 grass cutting maps to know who is responsible for which area.

For your information, the following four are responsible for cutting grass within Wing Parish:

Aylesbury Vale District Council ( AVDC ), Bucks County Council ( BCC ), Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust ( VAHT ) and Wing Parish Council ( WPC )

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