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Help to find the medical and support services you need

One thing we all need is good health.

And fortunately we have ready access to a range of medical and support services available right here in the village, in nearby towns, or just a phone call away.

They are listed here under Medical Centres, Emergency Services, and Supporting Organisations.


Need a helping hand?

Do you struggle with daily tasks, getting to appointments or just want some company?

Your local Good Neighbour scheme, run by Wing Parish Council, could help.

If you need support, please contact:

Wing Parish Clerk
Claire Power
Parish Clerk
Tel: 07415 296793
Or email Wing Parish Clerk

Please note: some listings may need updating from time to time. You can help us keep these listings as up-to-date and accurate as possible by emailing the Wing Parish Clerk if you have any additions, corrections or other changes.

email Wing Parish Clerk