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Information regarding the land at the entrance of Chesterfield Crescent

The land at the entrance of Chesterfield Crescent ( Industrial buildings ) has had all the shrubs removed around it a few months ago to gain access for survey work to be done for pollutants/contaminants.

Wing Parish has been in contact with our County Councillor for an update (as this is Bucks County Council owned land), who informed us:

“We are doing ongoing survey work, particularly relating to the ground contamination issue. A report is expected towards the end of this month which will give the information required to determine potential uses for the site. Until we are certain of the levels and depth of contamination, we cannot begin to make suggestions on potential uses. Any options or recommendations will, of course, be discussed in full with Property Board and the Local Member before we proceed.”


Wing Parish Council is not involved in this and will be providing further information as soon as we have any further updates from Bucks County Council.

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