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Jubilee Week Activities – Free in your Village

To book a place on any of the free activities please email sanchia.wingpc@gmail.com 
To register your interest in the Jubilee Dance Day please email helensunday.wingpc@gmail.com 
Please come along to support these wonderful activities in your village
“The Queen’s Jubilee has been gathering momentum in tree planting across the country, but what about the trees that fall in the woods when there is no one to hear them? We pitched this Arts Council project as a village project, a chance to take a little bit of Long Spinney into your home with you. Whether it is more furniture based ideas, or a bit of art and design, this is a set of FREE workshops in conjunction with Queen’s Park Arts for you to take a bit of our Spinney home to commemorate the Jubilee.
These workshops are targeted at a bit more of a mature audience due to health and safety. For the woodturning workshop, there is a minimum age of 18. For the woodcarving workshop, there is a minimum age of 12.”
sanchia.wingpc@gmail.com                  helensunday.wingpc@gmail.com 


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