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Swarms 2018 (1)

Following the long winter of 2017-2018 and the late Spring, colonies of honeybees are
under tremendous stress. In the wild the survival chance of a honeybee swarm is about
20%. Collected, and housed in a hive by a beekeeper, the survival rate triples. The
MBBKA needs the help of everyone in the area to ensure we collect as many swarms
this year as possible. If you see a swarm of bees please contact the MBKA on the
swarm-line number below. We will send a beekeeper to collect the swarm and provide it
with a new home.

If You See a Swarm: The collection of swarms an important part of the work of bee keepers. You
should never interfere with a swarm and pest control companies will not kill a swarm unless absolutely

Please contact:
MBBKA Swarm Hotline 07770370132
Brian Bush – Mid Bucks Beekeepers and BBKA Swarm Officer
BBKA British Bee Keepers Association website

Click on the link above for further information.


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