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Long Spinney / Bewick Green – October 2020 working parties –

Dear All
The Long Spinney / Bewick Green * OCTOBER 2020 * working parties will be on:
Wednesday 7th & Sunday 11th
at the usual time of 2 pm till 5 pm.
We meet at Soulbury Road gate at 2 pm
( this is located between Chesterfield Crescent and Burcott )
Under the current government advice, this needs to be a socially distanced working party
👩‍🌾                      🧑‍🌾                          👨‍🌾                      👩‍🌾                     🧑‍🌾         
* To move the wood chip piles from their current locations to more suitable locations ready for spreading on the paths before everything gets too wet.
* Useful tools would be spades and wheelbarrows.
AND IF {🤞} we have enough volunteers  – a further job is to empty the stream of branches so that they are not washed downstream and block at the bridges causing flooding…
🧔         🙋‍♀️         👱‍♀️        🎅       👴         👩‍🦳        🙍🏽        🧛‍♂️         👨         🦸‍♂️       🧑‍🚀        🧕         🙋       👳‍♀️
Wear boots 🥾🥾 and gloves 🧤 and bring something to drink to keep yourself hydrated 🥤
(If you could bring disinfectant wipes to clean tools at the end of the day that would be much appreciated – but a small supply will be available on the day)
We hope to see you on either Wednesday and/or Sunday 🤞👍
Don’t hesitate to contact the volunteer team with any comments or suggestions either via the Long Spinney Facebook page – OR – by email ( longspinneywing@gmail.com )
Long Spinney & Bewick Green is maintained entirely by a small team of volunteer – more helpers are always needed!
Many thanks
The Long Spinney Team

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