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Efforts well underway to build Wing’s MUGA

Plans to build a state-of-the-art Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) on the Wing Recreation Ground are progressing at a fair pace with tenders for the work now sent out. The tenders are expected to be back with the Parish Council by the last working day of August to enable the work to begin.

This follows hot on the heels on news that AVDC planning has extended planning permission for the whole project to August 23rd because of the heavy workload being experienced by the District Council.

The Aylesbury Vale District Council’s New Homes Bonus Panel has also confirmed it will extend the funding deadline for the new pavilion and for the renovating of the football pitches by an additional six months to give us time for work to commence.

David Kellner, Chairman of the Parish Council, welcomed these new developments, saying they give the Parish Council a bit of breathing space in the push to have the MUGA up and running by late Spring.

“We are delighted to have received these time extensions and, as part of our commitment to total transparency over the project, we will be holding an update meeting for Parishioners at the Sports and Social Club once we have decided on the contractors and when we have received the necessary planning permission,” he said.

Oxford to Cambridge Expressway is coming

The benefits and challenges posed by the Expressway and the impact it will have on the village are high on the agenda of the Parish Council and our councillors are following developments very closely as the Government presses ahead with its plans for the initiative.

What we do know is there are a few route options being discussed but the actual route has not yet been decided, and until it is announced, we won’t know how it will affect the village.

“Because of the Government’s massive house building programme, the consensus of opinion is that the Expressway may be a Trojan Horse to enable it to place close to one million houses along its corridor. The Government is saying that in the area where it may be closest to us, it could mean an additional 150,000 new homes being built,” said David Kellner, Parish Council Chairman.

“One of the ideas behind the Expressway is to try and reduce the volume of HGVs using the M1 and M25 as they try to reach the M4 and M40. Apparently, Highways England will not engage with the general public in any type of public town hall meetings. The important thing to remember is that the Expressway is going to happen, we just have to wait and see and keep up with all the developments. Once we know what is happening, our Parishioners will be the first to know,” he added.

Empowering the young in the village

The Parish Council has held a meeting with the headteachers of Overstone and Cottesloe to look at ways that the young in the village can become more involved in projects in the village. There is also a hope that greater cooperation between the Parish Council and the schools could help to curb the spate of anti-social behaviour we have started to see.

The Council is keen to ensure it does not become detached from both schools. By listening and engaging, even through a junior PC-parish council style meeting, we can learn from the young of our village and we can see what projects they can get involved in or even run themselves.

Both schools are willing to help in any way they can and the Council is looking to have regular meetings to keep the dialogue going.

A key benefit of the meetings will be to look at ways to reinvigorate the Youth Club as the Parish Council works to help make Wing the best village in the County.

New ‘Hospice at Home’ service

On 20th September the Florence Nightingale Hospice will be holding a talk in Cublington to raise awareness of its new ‘Hospice at Home’ service, which is a team of six new nurses who will significantly improve the support available for people in Wing who are battling a terminal illness.

Parishoners are invited to join Jo Turner, CEO of the Charity, and Liz Monaghan, Matron of the Florence Nightingale Hospice in Aylesbury, at Biggs Pavilion in Cublington on Friday 20th, to find out more about Florence Nightingale Hospice’s 30th Anniversary year and the launch of the new 24/7 FNHC@Home service.

The talk will be preceded by tea and coffee and followed by a sandwich lunch. Please contact Lee Lloyd, Head of Fundraising Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity by emailing LeeLloyd@fnhospice.org.uk.

January Parish Council Meeting – Tuesday 28th January

The next Parish Council meeting is to be held on Tuesday 28th January at 8pm in the Small Hall, Wing Village Hall. Here is a link to the agenda 28 Jan 20 – Agenda
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Full Parish Council Meeting – 7th January 20

The next Parish Council meeting is to be held on Tuesday 7th January at 8pm in the Small Hall, Wing Village Hall. Here is a link to the agenda 7th Jan 20 – Agenda
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A big Thank You to our Volunteers

A big Thank You to our Volunteers A successful village is all about the community and how it interacts and works together to the general benefit of all and in Wing we are particularly blessed. Because we have people who will give up their time to help and assist and deploy their skills to make...
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November Parish Council Meeting

The November Parish Council meeting is to be held on Tuesday 26th November at 8pm in the Small Hall, Wing Village Hall. Here is a link to the agenda 26 Nov 19 – Agenda
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MVAS traffic analysis reports

Wing Speedwatch Group is open to members of the public who wish to be involved.  We share two MVAS ( Moveable Vehicle Activated Signs ) with Wingrave and Mentmore.  These display the speed limit and the message ‘Slow Down’ when vehicles exceed the limit. It logs the number of vehicles passing and their speed.  We also...
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Information regarding the land at the entrance of Chesterfield Crescent

The land at the entrance of Chesterfield Crescent ( Industrial buildings ) has had all the shrubs removed around it a few months ago to gain access for survey work to be done for pollutants/contaminants. Wing Parish has been in contact with our County Councillor for an update (as this is Bucks County Council owned...
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Long Spinney * November 2019 working parties * Please come along and help the team *

MESSAGE FROM: Long Spinney volunteer team . As usual, the working parties will be on the first Wednesday of the month and the following Sunday. . So for November that will be Wednesday 6th & Sunday 10th  (  1 pm till 4 pm ). . The Woodland Trust has confirmed that the 630 trees we...
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Extraordinary Meeting – Friday 8th November

There will be an extraordinary meeting of Wing Parish Council to be held on Friday 8th November at 8pm in the Small Hall, Wing Village Hall. Here is a copy of the agenda. 8 Nov 19 – Agenda
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October Parish Council Meeting

The October Parish Council meeting is to be held on Tuesday 29th October at 8pm in the Small Hall, Wing Village Hall. Here is a link to the agenda 29 Oct 19 – Agenda
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AVDC Planning Enforcement standby Easter Weekend 2019

Wing Speedwatch Group

Wing Parish Council share the MVAS and Sentinel with other local Parish Councils.

Please see attached details of the recent Speedwatch report in Wing and explanations of the MVAS Moveable Vehicle Activated Sign and the Sentinel.

The SENTINEL device is shared between the 12 parishes
It is available to Wing once every 12 weeks for one week.
It needs a team of people to supervise as it stands on a tripod and is easily mobile.

Wing Parish Council are always looking for volunteers to help the Speedwatch Group.

If you can help please contact Wing Parish Clerk on 07415 296 793 or email: wingparishclerk@gmail.com

LAF has two MVAS

MVAS Reports for July and August 2018

MVAS Moveable Vehicle Activated Signs – Buckinghamshire County Council