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A community with its roots in Saxon times

Wing has a rich history dating back more than a thousand years. At various times it has been known as Witehunge or Weowungum, Wyenge and Guionga, and in the 19th century as Wenge.

The village was first mentioned in the Charter of the Saxon Queen Aelfgifu in 966AD. But some archaeological finds suggest its roots go back much further.

Norman conquest

With the Norman Conquest in 1066 it passed into the hands of Richard, Count of Mortain.

And over the following centuries a number of owners have held the Manors, including the Dormer and Rothschild families.

Heritage group

During World War II a bomber training airfield was based here, known as RAF Wing, and the runways can still be seen among the fields today. At one point it was earmarked to become the home of London’s second airport after Heathrow.

The Wing Heritage Group is a local group that conducts historical investigations, family history research and archaeological digs.

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