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Recreation Ground Improvement Project

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Recreation Ground Project Expenditure and Grants Funding Received

Wing Recreation Ground Project Update – 23.02.2021

Parish Council representatives met on 4th Feb via Zoom with colleagues representing the football, tennis and bowls clubs to provide an overview of the current situation and to discuss the way forward with the project and next steps.

We discussed the high level requirements of the clubs for the facilities, with a view to making the specification more affordable than the current proposals, whilst at the same time ensuring the requirements of the groups who would be using it are, as far as possible, met. We broadly confirmed the requirements of the different groups based on what they sent to the Council last year but asked that they forward to us any further information to clarify this further.

The Parish Council has written to Buckinghamshire Council asking for an extension to the time scale for the New Homes Bonus Funding to enable the full redevelopment to take place. Should this be agreed we will then need to decide whether to refurbish existing buildings or go for a new single building that meets the needs of the various clubs, taking in to account any limitations on the use of funds.

We have agreed that the project will need to be re tendered with a new specification and that we are seeking help and assistance from residents in the village who might be able to assist with specifications, cost estimating, project management etc.

We want to engage positively with the village residents on the development going forward and will provide regular updates through the Council website and WOIW.