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What you can flush down the toilet……..

From a concerned Wing resident:

Please could you post a reminder on the wing web page regarding problems with drains.  I live at the bottom of Chesterfield Crescent and all the sewerage and surface water drains come through my garden. This morning I noticed that the manhole cover was overflowing.  This is a big environmental hazard as the sewerage blockage causes neat sewerage to overflow not only into my garden but  into the land drains which flow into the nearby stream which is a haven for wildlife.  The blockage took 3 men all afternoon to clear and was caused by indiscriminate disposal of wipes sanitary products and fat into the sewer.  All that should be flushed is the 3P’s (pee, poo and paper) and fat in the drains can be reduced by wiping fat from pans etc with kitchen towel and recycled in the food recycling bin.  Many thanks


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