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Wing Precept Information 2022-23

Dear Parishioners,
Wing Parish Council have submitted a precept of £155,600 for 2022/23. The following table shows how this affects each Council Tax Band in the parish

Council Tax Band 2021/22 Precept Amount per Household 2022/23 Precept Amount per Household Total Annual Increase per Household Increase on monthly payment based on 10 months per Household
Band A £78.15 £90.20 £12.05 £1.21
Band B £90.72 £104.70 £13.98 £1.40
Band C £103.68 £119.66 £15.98 £1.60
Band D £116.64 £134.62 £17.98 £1.80
Band E £142.56 £164.54 £21.98 £2.20
Band F £168.48 £194.45 £25.97 £2.60
Band G £194.40 £224.37 £29.97 £3.00
Band H £233.28 £269.24 £35.96 £3.60

The precept is £20,100 more than last year, which equates to 15.41% and has been calculated by looking at the different responsibilities the Parish Council carry out for the village.

Elements of the general budget for 2022-23 are set to increase. These include electricity, standard salary and employers contributions, the cost for running a WCAG compliant website.

There are projects contained within the precept to improve the village facilities and road safety, which include:

  • the purchase of Speed Indicative Devices to support reductions in speed and monitoring movement of vehicles through the village
  • funding (to be match funded with Community Boards and Grants) towards improvements to the open spaces managed by the Parish Council
  • youth projects such as Wing Youth Council and Wing Youth Club

The Council Tax bills will be produced by Buckinghamshire Council during March.

Kind regards
Wing Parish Council

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