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Wing Precept Information 2020/21

Dear Parishioners,

Wing Parish Council have submitted a precept of £131,342 for 2020/21. The following table shows how this affects each Council Tax Band in the parish

Council Tax Band 2019/20 Precept Amount per Household 2020/21 Precept Amount per Household Total Increase per Household Increase on monthly payment based on 10 months per Household
Band A £59.61 £75.61 £16.00 £1.60
Band B £69.54 £88.22 £18.68 £1.87
Band C £79.48 £100.82 £21.34 £2.13
Band D £89.41 £113.42 £24.01 £2.40
Band E £109.28 £138.62 £29.34 £2.93
Band F £129.15 £163.83 £34.68 £3.47
Band G £149.02 £189.03 £40.01 £4.00
Band H £178.82 £226.84 £48.02 £4.80

The budget has increased by £29,422 from last year. The budget increase for the next financial year takes into account the additional responsibilities required of the Parish Council in the way of weed control, bin emptying, litter clearance, open space management, maintenance, additional administrative costs and the requirement to increase the financial reserves as advised by the Parish Council’s auditors.

The Council Tax bills will be produced by AVDC during March.

Kind regards

Wing Parish Council

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