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Wing Precept Information 2021-22

Dear Parishioners,

Wing Parish Council have submitted a precept of £135,500 for 2021/22. The following table shows how this affects each Council Tax Band in the parish.

Council Tax Band 2020/21 Precept Amount per Household 2021/22 Precept Amount per Household Total Increase per Household Increase on monthly payment based on 10 months per Household
Band A £75.99 £78.15 £2.16 £0.22
Band B £88.22 £90.72 £2.50 £0.25
Band C £100.82 £103.68 £2.86 £0.29
Band D £113.42 £116.64 £3.22 £0.32
Band E £138.62 £142.56 £3.94 £0.39
Band F £163.83 £168.48 £4.65 £0.46
Band G £189.03 £194.40 £5.37 £0.54
Band H £226.84 £233.28 £6.44 £0.64

The precept has increased by £4,158 from last year, which is 2.84%. The precept increase has been calculated by looking at the different responsibilities the Parish Council carry out for the village. Some elements of the budget for 2021-22 are predicted to increase (Mainly due to a review of both Clerks salaries and calculated, worse-case scenario costs for a half year repayment of a Public Works Loan to fund the remaining element of the Recreation Ground Project – which would only be applied for with support from the Parish) while other areas of the budget have decreased as they were specific to the 2020-21 budget (a larger than normal amount budgeted for Jubilee Green maintenance and the running costs reserves needed to be increased to keep within the external auditors guidelines).

The Council Tax bills will be produced by Buckinghamshire Council during March.

Kind regards

Wing Parish Council

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